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When I was a kid, I played a lot of games made by a company called Sierra On-line. Their post office box was in a town called Coarsegold. I came up with the name "Sifted Bits" meaning the sifted (best of) information available, like sifting for gold.

Game Overview: Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist

Treasure Hunting

Around 1995, GeoCities drove traffic to its publishers sites by offering them points towards a GeoCities catalog.

I got my start making websites in 1996 when Interactive Imaginations, creator of the site (which has a new owner now) began allowing private websites the opportunity to make money by placing "banner ads" at the very top of their websites. The first size available was the 468x60 banner.

Original Banner size of 468 pixels 
wide by 60 pixels high

You can learn more about the original banner advertising here.

A few sites were selected to be a part of's games, sort of like an easter egg type hunt across bunches of sites. I still feel that Swagbucks works in the same mindset because it gives you the opporunity to earn "Swagbucks" towards giftcard rewards by using their search engine. Swagbucks also offers Swag Codes. I use their service every day. (signing up for swagbucks through this site pays me a commission.)

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Current Sifted Bits Projects

Prevent The Trace - teamwork based alternate reality game focused on doing online research and helping your friends.

Right now I'm doing preliminary research about how mobile apps can affect our health in positive ways. My first subtopics of interest are psychoneuroimmunology and the placebo effect. Visit the very, very rough prototype of The Interactive Placebo Project.